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Mobile Security Patrols

You’re Secure Solutions LTD provides mobile security patrols as an alternative to static security guards..

Static Security Guards

Once You’re Secure Solutions LTD Security Guards are deployed on your site, they conduct regular and thorough security patrols.

Retail Security

Crime in the retail industry is at an all time high. You’re Secure Solutions LTD provides highly trained and uniformed retail security personnel for retail premises throughout Ireland.

Construction Security

Construction sites can be an attractive target for vandalism, scrap merchants and opportunistic thieves.

Industrial Security

With constant high volumes of visitors and workers passing through your doors, factories can be an extremely vulnerable environment when it comes to crime with extensive stock and expensive equipment lying around..

Corporate Security

You’re Secure Solutions LTD delivers a diverse range of corporate security services nationwide. We have built up relationships with a diverse range of businesses in both the private and public sectors..

Student Accommodation Security

You’re Secure Solutions LTD Security Personnel carry out regular patrols nationwide covering whole campuses and have a dedicated reception team.

Door Security

Door security personnel set the scene, establish a connection with your customers or guests and instill a sense of confidence that the venue is safe and secure.

Key Holding

Our staff are fully vetted to ensure that only the most trustworthy are employed and charged with protecting your interests.