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Industrial Security

You're Secure Solutions LTD, and we offer a wide range of security services for businesses and factories, such as security access control, Mobile patrol, and other services. We have been trained to keep thieves and vandals away from industrial properties.

We've been offering industrial security services to a wide range of clients from different industries. With our extensive experience, we are aware of your incredibly diverse needs. This gives us the unique ability to create the exact portfolio of security services that an industrial organization needs.

You’re Secure Solutions LTD can implement the following measures to safeguard your premises:

  • identification & search of visitors (where required)

  • promotion of onsite Health & Safety

  • foot patrols & random inspections

  • monitoring of your access points

  • keeping log books

  • alarmed response

  • supervision of vehicles at your warehouse

  • mobile patrols.

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