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Construction Security

You're Secure Solutions LTD has established itself as an industry leader in the provision of construction security services for construction sites. When it comes to safeguarding the lives and property of our clients, our team combines years of experience with the standards of excellence set by the industry.

Construction sites are deserted after regular business hours until the following workday. The site is frequently left vulnerable to theft or vandalism because expensive equipment and materials are frequently left unattended. Projects are put off indefinitely when materials and equipment are damaged or stolen, and unanticipated extra costs may show up that reduce profit margins.

You're Secure Solutions LTD works closely with clients to offer comprehensive construction security services that are tailored to each construction site.

You’re Secure Solutions LTD can implement:

  • gatehouse security to monitor staff/visitors/vehicle

  • delivery handling

  • promoting Health & Safety on site

  • mobile patrols

  • security 24/7

  • digital scan system

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