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Lock Up & Unlock Services

Our staff are thoroughly screened to guarantee that only the most reliable employees are hired and given the responsibility of looking out for your best interests.

We are able to set up site-specific, comprehensive open and lock down protocols, as well as procedures to ensure that any alarm activations will be reacted to quickly and handled effectively. Detailed reports will be provided to detail the results of each alarm activation reaction, and we can also offer the capability for you to monitor the times that routine patrols take place through our protection system. These reports and capabilities will be delivered to you.

In the event that you have previously established your own internal Keyholders, we are able to make the necessary arrangements to meet them on site in the event that an alarm response is required. This will protect their safety in the event that intruders are still present at the location.

As always, You're Secure Solutions LTD is able to customize any package to meet the specific needs of each individual client.

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