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Door Security

The ultimate obligations are to uphold management policies and compliance with licensing requirements and extend a duty of care to clients. In general, the job of security in this setting necessitates that staff members always act professionally, responsibly, and with discipline. The advantages of projecting a physical, conspicuous, or commanding presence while remaining non-obtrusive or intimidating cannot be stressed because security is primarily concerned with prevention.

When looking at the tasks of door security staff in terms of how they interact with the public during business hours, there are a few other areas of security that shouldn't be overlooked, even if they aren't directly related to the day-to-day jobs. These include keeping the building safe when it's closed and keeping cash safe when it's there.

You're Secure Solutions LTD  vast experience in the door security industry includes:

  • High-end Nightclubs

  • 4-5 Star Hotels

  • Private Functions

  • Bar security at Events

  • Corporate Events

  • Test security and safety equipment.

  • To help evacuate: raise the alarm, notify emergency services, clear immediate area first, stay calm and confident, take command, direct to nearest/safest spot, signal assembly point.

  • For emergency first assistance.

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