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We provide a wide range of 'soft' services, such as cleaning, window cleaning, waste management, Post management, Catering, and Car parking.

We can carry out each of these tasks on your behalf. Which translates to convenient, dependable, and effective care without your involvement, saving you both time and money.


In Ireland, there is a renowned landscaping company YSS. We specialise in offering a variety of services to both residential and business clients. We have the knowledge and skills to make your lawn look its best, from mowing and edging to fertilising and weed management. We also provide other services like mulching, pruning, and aeration to keep your lawn healthy and well-maintained.

Window cleaning

Windows allow you to enjoy the outside world's beauty and let fresh air into your house. But unclean windows can seriously diminish the appearance of your house. The dirty windows may cause your visitors to wonder if you are clean. Cleaning the windows can be challenging since dust and grime can enter via these gaps.


We can handle any type of cleaning for your single or multisite property and workplace needs using skilled cleaning personnel, the best supplies, and equipment. To business clients searching for a single cleaning company offering a variety of cleaning services, we provide our office cleaning, school cleaning, factory cleaning, and daily cleaning services.


Being safe means not being in any danger or threat. There are hazards involved with doing any form of business. Are you looking for the top security services that are stress-free and excellent? But at Top Security, we're talking about the danger to the company in terms of inventory theft, theft of raw materials, and loss of money.

Post management

Be present at all times! Your business will remain prominent in people's minds with daily posts from Monday through Friday. Being active on social media regularly enables you to build rapport with your followers, which is a quick path to trust. Additionally, customers are more likely to convert when they trust a company.

Waste management

We offer full-service waste management solutions based on circular economy concepts. For MNCs, tech parks, residential communities, and other bulk-generating businesses and institutions, we handle garbage responsibly and sustainably. Do you produce large amounts of waste? Get in touch with us to make sure your company produces zero waste for the landfill.


YSS Catering World takes pride in going above and beyond for clients as a high-end, award-winning catering business. With over 1000 satisfied clients and experience in events, we have built an unrivalled reputation for our superior customer service and delectable cuisine.

Car parking

Car parks play a crucial function in any office building, mall, hospital or airport. However, its importance is frequently overlooked. Visitors frequently form their first and last impressions of a place in the parking lot, and a negative encounter might make them swear they'll never go back.